Monday, April 17, 2006

Welcome Metsfans

Hello, my name is Jose Valentin and this is my blog. I am currently playing for the New York Mets. General Manager Omar Minaya saw that I was available, coming off an injury, did nothing for the Dodgers last year, had a lifetime batting average of .241, and am in obvious steady decline. He liked what he saw. And the team at the time had no Valentins to speak of. Also, I had pictures of him in compromising positions with a cocktail waitress in Miami. So here I am.

I saw the Mets' other thirdbaseman has his own blog, giving the fans insight into what it's like to be an up-and-coming star, and I thought, "why not give the fans a taste of the utter failure it is to be Jose Valentin right now?"

This season has not gone so well for me so far. I don't understand how I made this team, or why I was given a guaranteed contract for $912, 500. I can't seem to hit the little white baseball at all. But it's alright, I still get paid. And I have some free time to blog and share my experiences with you, the fan. Enjoy!


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